MEVO TECHNOLOGY spol. s r.o. is an independent subsidiary of Mevo Technology BV, where large part of Mevo’s production-activities are accommodated. Best examples of such activities are the service of client warehousing and assembly of electronic modules and devices. Mevo is specialized in producing fine mechanical components and assembling complete products for the high-tech industry. The high quality products which Mevo manufactures are used for measurement and control instruments, optical instruments, special machine construction, in the automobile industry and the medical industry.

Starting as a metal processing company specialized in the production of fine mechanical products, Mevo Technology’s product and service package has evolved along with our customers’ requirements through the years. Mevo can achieve a great deal more than metalworking alone, it creates added value by solution-focused thinking with their customers.

Mevo has a vast experience over its' history and this coupled with knowledge and cutting edge equipment ensures the cost effective delivery of a complete product, perfect to the slightest detail. Being able to react to the customer’s wishes in a flexible manner is one of Mevo’s most important advantages. As a result of its undisputed level of expertise, the company can guarantee both continuity and quality.

Price, speed, flexibility, quality and volume; Mevo Technology is a partner which can offer all of these.


Services Overview

    CNC Lathing

    CNC Milling

    Finishing, deburring, polishing


    Client warehousing

Contact Us

This is the address of MEVO Technology s r.o., Slovakia. For the contact details of Mevo BV, Netherlands please visit their site.

Address: Suvoz 1, 91132 Trencin, Slovakia
Telephone: +421-32-7434 437
FAX: +421-32-7434 539
E-mail: mevo@slovanet.sk